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working in partnership

Nutrino works with businesses and professionals to improve the success of their products and programs,
better understand populations and eating patterns, and identify new areas of opportunity.

  • Medtronic announces expanded relationship to leverage FoodPrint and Food Data Analytics across Medtronic's Diabetes Portfolio

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  • Nutrino's health and nutrition focused mobile app and program are available to millions of consumers as part of CaféWell Connect

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  • Nutrino and IBM Introduce Watson-Powered Nutrition Recommendations for Expectant Moms-to-Be as part of the FoodPrint iOS app

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Who benefits?

  • individuals


    Anyone who wants to gain deeper insight into what’s going on inside their body

  • businesses


    Medical community, data aggregators, health technology companies

  • pros


    Registered dieticians, certified diabetes educators, personal trainers and more


The digital signature of how food affects the body.

The Nutrino engine recognizes that not only will two people respond differently to the same food, but a single individual may respond differently to the same food at different times.

Food Analysis System Individual Inputs

The Science behind FoodPrint™

Machine learning and AI at its finest

Nutrino leverages state of the art data science, natural language processing and mathematical models from the worlds of optimization theory and predictive analytics.

Data is only valuable as what you can do with it, and the applications of FoodPrint bring real results that improve lives.

  • Chronic Disease Management Chronic Disease Management
  • Physician Tools Physician Tools
  • Food Trends Identification Food Trends Identification
  • Wellbeing Improvement Wellbeing Improvement
  • Weight Management


Nutrino offers its proprietary solutions to a variety of customers across different industries, including companies in need of custom built AI tools, professionals that help patients discover their FoodPrint and organizations looking into how individuals and groups metabolize and respond to food.

Data Integration

Using API or SDK integrations, partners can purchase and use Nutrino’s immense knowledge about food, nutrition, and people to improve their own products and services.

Mobile Apps

Log food, automatically import data from wearables and other devices, discover your FoodPrint and personalized recommendations directly on screen.

FoodPrint Reports

Reporting can be customized to meet the needs of specific populations. Personalized reporting helps professionals observe curated data and treat their patients more effectively.

Custom Datasets

Nutrino’s data is vast and dynamic, with hundreds of inputs. The data can be parsed and delivered based on what you need to power your business.

Algorithms, AI & ML capabilities

Nutrino’s in-house developed tools for data collection and analysis are available for licensing. Popular with data service providers, Nutrino’s capabilities offer greater depth and reliability.

Device Hub

Nutrino has established integrations with apps, wearables, devices, and datasets. Through our Hub, partners get access to over 100 different inputs in a standardized and easy to use format.

your data is secure

Nutrino protects patient confidentiality while furthering innovation and patient care.

Nutrino complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Administrative, Physical, and Technical Safeguards ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and security of all protected health information (PHI) collected by Nutrino’s platform. We will also comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Parliament & Council starting in 2018.

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